October 29, 2018 Parent Letter

Happy HalloweenWe are looking forward to the Halloween parties on Tuesday for the 3 year old class and Wednesday for the 4 year old class. Please have your children dress up in their favorite costume and we will have fun playing games and eating treats!

Our focus this week is on reviewing shapes. We will be making pictures with shapes and sorting block shapes in class. We will be learning more letters of the alphabet as well as counting. Please remember to check your child’s folder to see what we are doing in class. Our Bible story will focus on Israel and the time of the judges such as Gideon and Samson.

Snacks and Drinks for Halloween Party:

October 30 – snack items: Baker and Carpenter; drink item: Hagan

October 31 – snack items: Brown and Cannon; drink item: Farley

Thank you in advance for your donations!

Mark your Calendars:

October 30 & 31 – Halloween Parties

November 21 – November Scholastic book orders are due

Jill Garcia

Lilly Masterson Kuhn


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