October 22, 2018 Parent Letter

rainbowWe are thankful to the Valley Ambulance Authority for visiting us last Friday. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children, and they were able to have hands-on experience with emergency medicine. The children also know some important safety rules, and I do hope that you will talk with them about your family emergency plans.

This week we are focusing on colors. There are fun activities planned to review the colors we have studied so far. We are also reading stories about woodland creatures like rabbits and bears. I have introduced the children to some letters, and we will be learning about “s” and “r” this week. In Bible time, we have been reading about Moses, and this week the Israelites will be entering the promised land.

The 3 year old class have their Halloween party on Tuesday, October 30th, and the 4 year old class have theirs on Wednesday, October 31st. The children are very excited about wearing costumes, and we look forward to a fun day!

Snacks and Drinks for Halloween Party:

October 30 – snack items: Baker and Carpenter; drink item: Hagan

October 31 – snack items: Brown and Cannon; drink item: Farley

The families who are scheduled to provide a snack this week are: Hathaway on Wednesday (10/24), Manniello on Thursday (10/25), and Iverson on Friday (10/26). Thank you so much for your help!

Jill Garcia

Lilly Masterson Kuhn


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