October 15, 2018 Parent Letter

ambulanceWe have an exciting week ahead of us. October is fire safety month, so we will be talking about fire safety and other safe practices in class. We are expecting a visit from the Valley Ambulance Authority on Friday, October 19. The 4 year old class and the day care will be able to walk around the truck and have a peak into the back. It will be a great way to cap off our week!

The Day School usually gets two visits a year from Teddy Bear Portraits, once in the fall and again in the spring (when the 4 year old class wears a cap and gown for their portraits). This year we have one visit scheduled, and that will be in February. The 4 year olds will be able to take pictures in a cap and gown at that time.

The Scholastic Book orders are due at the end of this week. Let me encourage you to check out the website as well as browse the flyers that are sent home. It is easy to order books online at scholastic.com, and the online orders do get processed and sent quicker. Just remember to include the code for our school so that we can earn points to purchase books for our classroom.

We are planning to have a Halloween party for each class. The 3 year old class will have their party on Tuesday, October 30th, and the 4 year old class will have theirs on Wednesday, October 31st. It would be very helpful to have some snacks and drinks for the parties, and we have created a schedule to have a few families provide items for the Halloween parties and then other families will be able to provide items for future parties. Have your children come dressed up and ready for a fun day!

Snacks for Halloween Party:

October 30 – snack items: Baker and Carpenter; drink item: Hagan

October 31 – snack items: Brown and Cannon; drink item: Farley

The families who are scheduled to provide a snack this week are: Farley on Wednesday (10/17), Maji on Thursday (10/18), and Farren on Friday (10/19). Thank you so much for your help!

Mark your Calendars:

10/19 – visit from Valley Ambulance Authority “Touch a Truck”

10/19 – Scholastic Book orders for October due

10/30 & 10/31 – Halloween Parties!

Ms. Diana begins her maternity leave this week. We will miss her while she is on leave! Ms. Lilly will be filling in for her as preschool assistant teacher.

Jill Garcia


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