2018-2019 Welcome Letter

Sept 5 letter picWelcome to Preschool!

What an exciting time of development for your little one! Your preschooler is learning and absorbing so much during their early years, and we cannot wait to get started!

We have many exciting things planned here at Presbyterian Day School. Your child will have an opportunity to play and learn with others during story time and circle time where we study a new theme each month such as the seasons, fire safety, the weather, transportation, and many more. We will be focusing on an animal group each month, as well, learning about sea life, woodland creatures, animals in the arctic, and the like. Every day we will have a Bible time where we learn about Jesus, our Savior, in the stories of the Bible. We will also explore our creative sides with art, music, and dramatic play time when we play at the different centers.

Besides learning about these educational themes, your child will learn to name colors and shapes and to recognize letters and numbers. He or she will learn how to count, add, and subtract using manipulatives, and they will practice fine motor skills by cutting, gluing, coloring, and putting together puzzles. There will be a small group time where the teacher and assistant will teach them some of these skills in a more individualized setting. We will send their work home in their folder each day they are in class so that you can see your child’s progress.

Please send in a backpack (large enough to fit a folder), a change of clothes, and a folder for your child labeled with their name on the outside cover.

Looking forward to getting to know your little one!

Jill Garcia

Diana DiGregorio


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