December 4, 2017 Parent Letter

christmas tree penguinsIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the preschool room! We are looking forward to the Christmas play and party on Thursday, December 21. So far, no one has told us that their child will not be able to participate in the play, so we will go ahead and give each preschooler a role to play and a costume to wear. After the play, we will have a visit from Santa Claus!

This week we are talking about different types of weather and about how the sun keeps the earth warm. We will be reading stories about penguins in the Antarctic. Our letter focus is F, and the number focus is 6. We are practicing counting up to 12 every day. Our Bible lessons this week are about God’s prophet, Elijah.

The families who are responsible for snacks this week are: Melius (12/6) and Ambriz (12/7). Thanks for helping provide a snack for the class!


December 4 – Sarris Candy orders arrive

December 8 – Living Nativity from 7pm to 9pm at the Presbyterian Church of Coraopolis

December 20 – Scholastic book orders due

December 21 – Christmas Play and Party at 9:30 a.m.

December 25 to January 1, 2018 – preschool and day care closed

January 2 – preschool and day care reopen

Jill Garcia

Diana DiGregorio


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